Team Awareness Development

Psychic Peak Performance

Psychic Development is great for your team. This will help your group non-verbally communicate and “feel” each other. As a group, I will teach your team how to open up your pineal gland, clear out emotional blockages, relax the egos, and engage their hearts and minds together. As people become psychically developed, their energy becomes more collaborative, and bottom line, their performance will improve. This is great for business teams creating new products and services, and athletic teams that need to communicate and function at their peak performance.

The class is structured as a relaxing meditative type event. In this class, I will activate the pineal gland which is literally the “minds eye,” clear out old feelings that encumber the group dynamics, teach basic Remote Viewing techniques that help people connect to their higher minds. People are always astonished by how intuitive they can become. This class is meant to stretch the minds and hearts of your team.

This class draws from Martial Arts, Shamanism, Yoga Breath Work, Chi Kung, Reiki, BodyTalk, Mindfulness Meditation, Medical Intuitive Training and many other modalities.

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