• Spirit Cleansing

Clear you space of negative energy

Property Cleansing is highly recommended if you feel that the energies at your office or residence seems dark or haunted. Sometimes this is actually an entity that needs to move on the has not properly transitioned. Other times there is a negative feeling that lingers in the space from former inhabitants who lived an unhappy life. Regardless of the reasons, I can help.

My background in Native Shamanic clearing practices including drumming, smudging Paolo Santo, Rose quartz, and directly contacting unwanted energies. In the case of hauntings and negative ghosts, often there is confusion on the other side of the reality veil. I work with each entity and help them heal and cross over. After they leave, the energies of a space are free to be cleared out. In the case of general darkness, there are a variety of techniques I can perform to lighten the atmosphere.

A typical property clearing begins with walking the residence and to feel out “hot” spots of activity. Usually paranormal activity relates to a specific area that needs to be cleared. Each active room will be psychically read and cleared. Often certain statues or artwork may need to be shifted around the property or cleared of energy. Sometimes symbols or powerful stones can hold an energy that can connect to the spirit realm and hold them to the property.
Prices depend on the size of the property and the amount of time required to remove entities. Some are easier to deal with than others. In Toronto and the GTA. A typical session requires 1 – 1.5 Hours to complete and costs around $200.00 plus HST.

Spirit Cleansing

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