Medical Intuitive Readings

I was born as a very sensitive person. That sensitivity turned into directly reading people either in person or remotely.  It is that ability to tune into a person’s body that led to the development of Medical Intuitive Readings over the past ten years.  Being able to read people came from my intensive martial art training background.  As I healer, I can read almost everyone in the world.

Similar to trance channeling, I start my medical intuitive reading by entering a deep trance state and start focusing on your name and location.  After a short time, I have access to your physiology and energy field.  Where I focus my attention in the reading depends on your specific needs.  Usually I am given a bit of direction such as an area of pain or concern.

The Medical Intuitive Reading consists of a full scan of a person’s body to pick up areas that contain any physical, emotional and mental disturbances and imbalances.  Once the nature and location of the imbalances have been localized, other healing modalities and techniques can be applied in order to facilitate healing.  I use my discernment on healing, and only heal people who want to be healed.  In some cases, people need to keep their imbalances.  Other times, an imbalance or disease is karmically related and an important challenge for the soul to experience.

Medical Intuitive Readings are best performed remotely via telephone or Skype.  The mental focus for this kind of therapy can be effected by extraneous sounds, smells, and the energy of a nearby person.

If you want to have a medical intuitive reading, please contact me to setup a time or date for a session.

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