Currently offering Intuitive Healing courses for practitioners and meditation courses for anyone who has an interest in meditation.


Intuitive Healing Courses

These courses are made for practitioners who are already healers and wish to deepen their practice. We work through understanding how to read people. To know when your clients are feeling uncomfortable or are holding something back from you.

We also go into remote viewing of clients. Learn how to:

  • Remote View
  • Accessing the innate
  • Dealing with negative people
  • Balance your own energy

Meditation Courses

The meditation courses are meant for people who wish to get some experience meditating or wish to deepen their practice. In these classes we go through opening up the pineal gland, balancing the chakras and sacred geometry utilization.

Classes are 2 hours long with 20 min segments and discussion.
It’s $250 for 5 sessions. Don’t forget your pillow!

Learn how to:

  • Breath work
  • Pineal gland activation
  • Balance chakras
  • Heart clearing
  • Raising Kundalini energy
meditation courses